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Good Advice for Your First Time in a Free Online Chat Room

When visiting a free online chat room for the first time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are many rules that you should follow to stay in the room’s good graces as well as keep yourself safe. Unlike on a forum, you can’t back anything you say in a chat room, so it’s essential to know these rules going in.

If your reason for joining a free online chat room is to ask a question, make sure you express it clearly. Don’t just tell people that you have a question or need help. Most people are eager to help if they can, but they can’t help you if you don’t give them specifics. That said, once you’ve asked your question, give people time to answer you. Don’t ask your question multiple times as this will annoy people and may get you booted from the room.

On that note, you should be kind to others at all times since most chat rooms are moderated, and moderators are usually quick to boot troublemakers. Don’t pick on other users or instigate fights. This can be tricky at times since you are conveying yourself in text only, and sometimes the true meaning of your words can be difficult for others to determine. Be mindful of this as you engage with the group.

Another great way to get kicked out of a free online chat room is to type in all caps or in multiple colors. Many chat rooms prohibit this practice anyway, but you’ll want to avoid it if you want anyone to talk to you. The Internet culture takes writing all caps to mean that you’re screaming, and no one likes to be screamed at.

Along with people who scream constantly, chat rooms are often beguiled by spammers who want others to click their links. Don’t add to this noise by dropping links into the room. If you want to link someone to an online resource, only do so once.

As you use free online chat rooms, you’ll no doubt come across abbreviations or acronyms such as “LOL”, “BRB”, and “IKR”. These terms save time and help you get your point across faster, but there is one acronym that you should avoid: “A/S/L”. A/S/L is an impolite way of asking someone their age, sex and location. In fact, you should avoid asking people for personal information period, or else people may assume that you’re up to no good.

If you find that you want to talk to someone one-on-one, make sure you ask them for permission first. Unexpected instant messaging windows are extremely annoying, and if the recipient complains to the moderator about you, you may be kicked from the room.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do in a chat room, you’ll want to know how to keep yourself safe. To start with, never give out your personal email in a chat room or in an instant message window. Spammers lurk in chat rooms waiting for inexperienced users to drop personal information. If they get a hold of your email address, you may receive a constant stream of spam messages.

As a good rule of thumb, avoid saying something that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to a crowd of strangers in a public place. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of participating in a fast-moving online discussion, but keep in mind that the people you’re engaging with are strangers.

To that end, be wary of suspicious strangers. Chat rooms are favorite hang-outs of pedophiles and identity thieves. Be wary of anyone you’ve met online who insists that you should switch to email communication, exchange phone numbers or meet in person. Most chat rooms have a block function; don’t hesitate to use it.

Finally, you must be constantly wary of links. Spammers will often use a link shortening service to mask suspicious-looking links. These links will often try to inject malware into your Web browser when you open them, or they may lead to a page that prompts you to download software. Never download anything from someone you don’t know, especially files that end in “.exe.” These are executable files, and they can do considerable damage to your computer.

Mastering free online chat room etiquette can take time. You’re bound to slip a few times before you get it down, but you’re almost guaranteed to make a few good online friends in the process. Just be safe at all times, and remember that predators are out there.