Tips to Initiate Conversations

Tips on How to Initiate Conversations in Online Chatrooms

Whether you are looking for a date or just want to meet somebody to hang out with and play video games, online chatrooms can be incredibly helpful. Sometimes it’s actually beginning the conversation that serves to be the most difficult part of making friends. Following just a few tips can help relieve the anxiety of initiating that first contact.

  1. If your new friend has a profile picture, scope it out for clues. This is always a great way to start a conversation, even if it appears superficial at first. This is especially helpful if the picture includes a unique setting or an interesting prop. You might even discover that you have a common interest.
  2. Always respond to a message with an answer followed by a question. The goal is to avoid steering the conversation toward a dead end. Asking a question will encourage the conversation to continue as well as show that you are interested in the person you are talking to. In turn, if you notice that he or she is not doing the same it is highly likely that the interest is not mutual. Online chatrooms can be difficult in this way because you cannot tell somebody’s tone.
  3. Learn to read the signs that somebody is interested. If your chat partner laughs at something or emphasizes a point, come back to it.
  4. Stop stressing and just relax. You are more likely to shut down communication when you are anxious about pleasing everybody. Every action you take is not going to be perfect; it is better to just accept this.
  5. In online chatrooms you should make a point of asking in public chat before you send a private message. Some people prefer to save private messages for the people they know personally.
  6. Be patient. It takes some people longer to respond in online chatrooms than others. It is impolite to send message after message asking where somebody is, so just sit tight. People often have other business to attend to when they are online.
  7. It is a good idea to stay positive whenever possible. You want to keep your chat partner in high spirits rather than down in the dumps. This way, your partner will associate you with positive memories.
  8. Pay close attention to the little cues, especially since you are talking online. If somebody is purposely steering the conversation in another direction, take the hint.

Keep in mind that the worst thing you can do is to avoid talking to anybody. That would mean that you are making no progress toward making friends. At least if you are starting discussions you are practicing your conversational skills. Even if each action isn’t perfect, you are taking strides in the right direction.